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The Full Functional Medicine Process

Functional medicine is now regarded as the most effective long term health recovery method. Our health needs to be a priority – so one can pursue one’s goals in a body they are proud of, with a healthy mindset – their largest asset!

Step 1

Full diagnostics are completed, so as to fully understand the present state and tailor a personalised programme:

  • The entire medical, hormonal and nutritional history is carefully analyzed
  • Blood samples are taken,
  • DNA specimen is sent to our lab,
  • Microbiome gut samples are arranged,
  • A Cortisol and stress observation system is created,
  • Hormone balancing tests are undertaken, and;
  • Toxic state is assessed to evaluate the best course of action and treatment.

Step 2

Initial implementation of the first of four protocols is begun in order to start the healing process, based on the initial blood test results.
A nutritional programme is created, explained, and implemented. And a Natural Medicine protocol is set up considering any conventional medications that are required as these will be continued as necessary.

Step 3

DNA and microbiome and cortisol stress tests are conducted and results carefully analysed. The results are factored into the next step of the functional medicine protocol.

Step 4

The Natural Medicine regime is continued interactively with weekly monitoring and adjustment(s). Ongoing implementation depends upon data from test results and expert analysis.

Step 5

Six to twelve weekly blood tests are completed, which allow continued measurement and understanding of any new challenges.

Step 6

Once inflammation and toxification has been reduced, more intensive treatment occurs. Treatments and dosages increase to maximum relative potency (based on test results) over a 3-6 month period.

Step 7

Monthly monitoring continues while gradually decreasing potency of medicines as results show health balance returning to optimum levels.

Step 8

Once optimal levels are reached, only an ongoing quarterly review and six monthly blood test is required to ensure that optimal health continues at every level.

Meet the Consultants

Image of Beran Parry
Dr Beran Parry

Dr. Parry’s Background

  • Licensed and Registered Medical Practitioner: Dr Beran Parry Ph.D.SAC.Dip
  • Natural Medicine Doctor
  • Functional Medicine Consultant
  • Master Nutritional Therapist
  • Holistic Master Therapist
  • DNA Health Analyst
  • Weight Loss Consultant
  • Gut Health Specialist
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Strategist
  • Bestselling Author: (40 books)
  • Founder: Gen-X Health Natural Medicines
  • Creator: Bio Alignment Energy Medicine
  • Diagnostics

Her professional career as a Doctor of Natural Medicine, a Certified Nutritional Therapist, and so much more has taken her all over the world to improve the wellbeing of many international patients.

She creates highly effective and exclusive medically researched health recovery programs using advanced laboratory diagnostics.

Her functional medicine systems are used in her clinics, her medically supervised retreats and in all her research programs with great success. As a celebrated authority who consults and lectures around the world, where she applies her encyclopaedic knowledge and astonishing perception to analyse the best ways to create optimum health and to produce the desired health results.

Image of Karen Jacobson
Karen Jacobson

Who is Karen?
Karen is a Nutrition and Lifestyle Advisor as well as an eating psychology coach. Her mission is to use food as a tool to help you feel functionally fit for purpose and thrive. Aside from weight management, she has helped her clients reduce diabetes type 2, reduce inflammation, reduce blood pressure, improve sleep, improve hormone regulation and improve energy regulation all through delicious, natural food.

Her speciality is combining her knowledge of hormones and food, together with her teaching and coaching skills to hand-hold people on their journey to healthier lifestyle, so they can feel themselves again.

Karen is approaching 50 years of age; she is a mother of three teenage boys who found her purpose and passion through her own personal struggles.

Who can she help? All people!

What can she help with?

(1) All Gut Health Issues

Bloating / inflammation · Reflux · Hiatus hernia · Diarrhea / constipation · Colitis / Crohn’s · Diverticulitis · Microbiome analysis · Microbiome imbalance

(2) Weight Management

Fat loss – weight reduction · Muscle gain – weight gain · Simultaneous fat loss & muscle gain (body recompositing) · Hunger hormone reset.

(3) Diabetes Type 1 and 2

Blood sugar balancing · Diabetes type 2 reversal

(4) Hormone Imbalance Reset

Insulin Resistance (the root cause of 90 % of modern-day, man-made illness) · Leptin Resistance (why you may be hungry all the time) · Reproductive hormone imbalance · Premenstrual tension (PMT) · Regulating periods · Fertility · Libido · Peri menopause · Menopause · Testosterone boosting · Sleep – Melatonin rebalancing · Stress – Cortisol rebalancing

(5) Skin Issues

Psoriasis · Eczema · Acne · Aging

(6) Eating Psychology

Changing habits · Rewire neural Pathways · Understand the physical and psychological drivers of eating behaviour · Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Karen’s Qualifications:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Diploma in Diet and Nutrition
  • Diploma in Eating Psychology Coaching
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Diploma in Iridology
  • Diploma in understanding hormones
  • Pranic Healing Psychotherapy level 3

Consulting Options to Optimize Health

After 20 years of practice and more than 10,000 patients and 50,000 readers, We at advanced bio solutions group have learned that when it comes to our health, we need more choices, not less.

We’re here to offer you those choices because you deserve to enjoy the very best of health and wellbeing in all areas of your life. We are also here to share with you the choices that will ignite your energy, lift your mood, boost your hormone balance and turbo-charge your immune system, your inflammatory response and your metabolism.

These are the choices that can change your life — and transform your health and give you access to a whole new way of living your life to the full! Choices that will turn back the clock and get you feeling healthy, smart, slim & balanced at any time of life.

You deserve to have a trustworthy partner and guide for your exciting new adventure in total health transformation. And advanced bio solutions group are thrilled to be your partner & guide! You’ve already taken the first step. You’re joining a powerful community of people around the world who are committed to looking and feeling great at every stage of life. We offer several options to suit you:

(1) Full Functional Medicine Consult

  • 1.5 hours with a Functional Health Practitioner or Natural Medicine Doctor taking into account all steps as described above.

(2) Master Nutrition Consult

  • 1.5 hrs a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist or Coach focusing on the nutritional therapy aspect of your health.

(3) Rapid Nutritional Review (RNR)

  • 30-40 minute consultation and a summarized review, supervised by Doctor Parry with a Certified Nutritional or Gut Coach.

(4) Clinical and Remote consults

  • At our full-service Fit4Life clinic in Gibraltar or via Online Telemedicine (e.g., Zoom).

(5) On-location calls in suitable locations (please contact us for details):

  • On-location consultation or therapy, depending on your location and that of our Practitioners. Recovery Program locations include:
    • Outpatient luxury accommodation (we provide you private luxury accommodation and all medical services at the site to facilitate an outpatient treatment).
    • Inpatient detoxification at one of our famous hospitals in Europe.
    • In your home… our doctors, nurses and therapists come to you.
Image of Consulting Options

Functional Recovery Program

Image of Consulting At Home

Advanced Bio-Solutions Group also offers treatment for alcohol, food, prescription medication and drug addiction and mental health concerns. Alcoholism and drug abuse are chronic conditions and require a sustained intervention treatment model.

Functional Medicine – Addiction Treatment

The Advanced Bio-Solutions Group unique protocol for addiction includes a medicated detox of controlled, slow reduction from your prescription medication intake supervised by our medical and therapeutic teams.
The Advanced Bio-Solutions Group medical team have a comprehensive understanding of prescription medication dependence and the dangers associated with reducing and eventually stopping medications.


Causes of depression

There are a variety of reasons that contribute to someone experiencing depression. Apart from biological reasons such a brain chemistry, the primary reason people experience depression are family dynamics, environmental problems, life events and stress.

When considering why you or your loved one is experiencing depression it is important to look at what has changed in their environment, or if they been experiencing significant stress.

When treating depression, the Advanced Bio-Solutions qualified team will conduct an analysis of the reasons for the depression in a person’s life.

Depression can have a number of causes, however, one of the most common causes of depression is a response to stressful life events where the brain and nervous system is having difficulty processing and coping with the stress. The purpose of depression is the body’s natural response to complex emotional states that the brain is finding difficult to process and move through. Depression allows the brain to slow down and start the process of disentangling complex emotions and provide meaning for challenging life events such as trauma, and grief and loss.

Eating disorders

Advanced Bio-Solutions Group offers a comprehensive personalised program for the treatment of eating disorders and disordered eating.

Our clinical team understands the challenges and sensitivities when treating eating disorders. It is critical that those who attend with an eating disorder receive support around their meals with someone who has a lived experience and can offer high levels of compassion.

Disordered eating encompasses an array of negative behaviours, obsessive thoughts, and overwhelming feelings focused in and around one’s relationship to weight, food, body shape and appearance. At the heart of these psychological issues is often complex and deep-seated trauma, self-loathing, shame, and exhausting emotions resulting in an overall lack of quality of life.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program Overview

Our addiction treatment program begins with a thorough assessment of your alcohol and/or drug consumption and a determination of the need for a medicated detox. If a detox is required, our medical team partners will develop a detox schedule that will make the detox process comfortable and stress free with the support of our doctor and 24-hour nursing. During this period, you will also receive supportive treatments from our team of holistic practitioners including massage and acupuncture to help reduce any uncomfortable symptoms you may be experiencing.

Anxiety and PTSD treatment

Anxiety and PTSD is the body’s natural response to a stressful or threatening experience and is the primary emotion that has contributed to survival of the human species.

Anxiety allows the body to respond to a threat or fear with what is known as the fight or flight or freeze response.

However, prolonged exposure to a stressful situation or threat can cause the body to develop a persistent anxiety response resulting a generalised anxiety disorder.

This occurs when the persistent anxiety becomes generalised to other, non-threatening experiences that would normally cause little to no anxiety.
When this occurs, it can be extremely difficult to manage anxiety without the support of medical treatment and in severe cases can result in agoraphobia or the fear of leaving the house.

It is very common for people to feel that in order to manage their anxiety they need to control it or destroy it. The reality is anxiety is present due to an underlying disconnection between their mind and body. This could be due to exhaustion or burnout, supressed emotions such as trauma, or simply operating at an unrealistic pace for periods of time, due to unreasonable professional deadlines.

Our approach to treating trauma and PTSD is based on a thorough inventory of current and childhood traumas or significant challenges. Our admission team regularly receive enquiries from family members wanting support for a loved who has been in therapy or residential treatment without any real success.

Our Holistic Approach to Healing Trauma

Our team of practitioners will develop a program that incorporates a balance of therapeutic approaches such as EFT, Advanced Kinesiology, and specialized Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, as well as mindful activities to bring you back to nature.

The treatment of PTSD and trauma must be slow, flexible and balance deeper work in therapy with the natural environment. This balance considers the patient needs throughout the entire process and has truly remarkable results.

Complex Trauma Develops over Time

Simply put, trauma is not easily treated and usually requires a very personalised approach to treatment. It is also important to understand that trauma does not have to be a single event. Trauma can develop over many years in a difficult childhood or relationship with one’s father or mother.

Our team will enquire about significant or challenging periods in your life, which will guide the development of your personalised treatment package and therapy.

Based on current research the team is aware that healing trauma takes more than just talking therapy alone and will require your engagement in creative and nature activities-based activities, in conjunction with therapy that is guided by your therapist.

Many people who attend our program have avoided or buried a difficult or traumatic life experience and think that if they continue with work and family life the difficult experience has gone.

Unfortunately, this is where anxiety emerges, and slowly becomes a primary feature of their daily experience. Our therapeutic team will assist you to look at these difficult events and resolve the pain associated with it.

What we treat

Conditions we Treat:

Cholesterol Management · Gut Health Recovery · Metabolism Improvement · Immune System Boosting · Inflammation Elimination · Menopause Symptoms · Nutritional Therapy · Skin Rehabilitation · Stress Management · Toxin · Elimination · Weight Management · Hormonal Rebalancing

Maldigestion: need for digestive support


Bloating after eating
Pain in the gut
Constipation / diarrhea
Gas / discomfort

Actions Required

Diet (what we eat)
Diet (when we eat)
Avoid toxins

Inflammation: need for elimination of inflammation


Pain in various points of the digestive system
Inability to digest
Inability to release toxins

Actions Required

Natural anti-inflammatory medicines
Anti-inflammatory diet
Gut therapy healing
Anti-inflammatory protocol

Dysbiosis (bacterial imbalance): need for microbiome support


Mix of good and bad bacteria
Not enough good bacteria
Too much bad bacteria
SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth

Actions Required

Probiotic therapy
Natural antibacterial medicine
Prebiotic therapy
Liver detox

Metabolite imbalance: need for prebiotic support


Weight gain
Lack of hormone absorption
Incorrect mineral balance
Lack of prebiotic foods

Actions Required

Hormone check
Check metabolic damage
Closer look at digestive issues

Infection: need for anti-infection protocol


Parasite infection
Fungal infection
Pathogenic bacterial infection

Actions Required

Natural antibiotics
Natural antifungal medicine
Natural antiparasite medicine
Pathogenics infection treatment