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Your Health Recovery Journey

Advanced Bio Solutions

Who are we?

Advanced Bio Solutions Group is an evidence based highly successful functional health system developed by Dr Beran Parry PhD, an international pioneer in science based natural medicine.

We offer the highest quality and cutting edge science based technology in:

Natural Medicines


Consultancy & Recovery


Your Health is

Our Priority

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You know that you need to make your health a priority so that you can chase your goals and do so in a body you’re proud of and a mindset that is your biggest asset!

We are ready and waiting to help, so…


Our Founder

Dr Beran Parry Ph.d  FCMA

Founder and CEO

Image of Beran Head In Hand

Dr Parry founded Advanced Bio-Solutions Group after 40 years of intensive scientific and clinical research into the best clinical methods to assist all patients needing permanent solutions to a very wide range of health problems.

She also simultaneously researched the unique properties and health benefits of natural medicines and supplements.

Today her advanced level of diagnostics  and natural medicine systems are being  adopted worldwide to assist patients in full recoveries!

Fellow of The Complementary Medical Association

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Our Team

Kevin Wallington

Kevin Wallington

Admin Director

Brings to you many years of well-being experience and personally assists Dr Parry.

Steve Gardner

Steve Gardner

International Director

Brings over 40 years of commercial experience in marketing and public relations.

Leia McKean

Leia McKean

Wellbeing Specialist

Brings her unique and substantial experience in all aspects of wellbeing and wellness therapy to be a valued member of our team.

Lesley Handford

Lesley Handford

Business & Wellbeing

Brings her substantial experience in all aspects of business and wellbeing to be a real help to our team and patients.


Beran helped me find a solution to my depression after doctors of all descriptions were not able to help me. Then she helped me repair my liver after the damage done by all the medicines. That was measured by lab tests - so I am not imagining the recovery.

Betty Lee

I would definitely recommend Beran to anyone wanting to improve their health overall or performances in sport like in my case. Very professional and helpful in everything she does. Luckily during the time I've been working with her I've been able to not only feel better in training, but also improve my performances in races so far this season.

Jerai Torres

I initially went to Beran for an issue that I had been struggling with and after she assessed me, she noticed I had other issues and not just the one I went for. After having my bloods checked, I was given some supplements. My bloods are checked regularly to ensure that my levels are correct and/or improving. After many years of struggling with my health, I can now say I am back on track. Beran is very professional, helpful and knowledgeable. She is always available for any queries. I would definitely recommend Beran to anyone wanting to improve their health. Thank you Beran

Kellyann Torres

Beran gave me what I needed to take control of my health. After being diagnosed with Hashimotos And told that there was no cure and could do nothing about it by my doctor I was left feeling scared and alone. Beran turned my life around with her vast knowledge and expertise she practically cured me and I’ve been in remission ever since.

Gerry Searle Matthews

After suffering 7 months from severe pain due to an invasive knee tumour and bone deterioration, I was introduced to Beran. She diagnosed the root of my illness, being an auto-immune and inflammatory condition so she started me on her famous anti-inflammatory diet, which not only relieved my symptoms but actually assisted in reducing the size of my tumour as evident in a scan taken 5 months after been on the diet. Sticking to this fantastic diet for 3 months my health improvements were dramatic! The knee inflammation reduced to almost nothing, giving me huge relief from the agonising pain I was living in day and night. By thrn i had also developed other body pains, including nerve damage in the upper body. Once again, I couldn't be more grateful for the relief this new miracle diet gave me. Being sensitive to most pain killers and other toxic medication I am limited to holistic means of healing, and I coudlnt be more thankful for Beran's versatile and effective therapy options, which have had an impact in my quality of life. I find Dieting extremely hard, especially during the first weeks of cleansing where episodes of fatigue, nausea and painful episodes where regular but normal. Thanks to Berans constant support, by helping me understand the process my body was going through and encouraging me to pull through, I was able to get there and experience the full benefits of the anti-inflammatoey diet. Now I no longer consider it a diet, but a healthy nutrition lifestyle which I have no doubt anyone and everyone can benefit from. The extra bonus was, I lost 12kilos!! I couldn't recommend it enough! Thanks Beran xx

Monique Grambow

I have just started my new health programme with Beran I will keep You all posted on my progress.I find her so professional and knowledgeable. Please come to her meeting on Wednesday to find out for yourselves what it’s all about.You will not be disappointed.3ock at Estelle’s clinic in San Pedro

Barbie Weeks

After many years of struggling with excess body weight I now feel I am on a solid road to getting there and keeping my weight down permanently. I am very happy that any adjustments in my supplements are backed up with blood test results to monitor everything that’s going on in my body so that things are not left to chance. This and together with a DNA test that gave vital clues how my body functions, is a great recipe for long-lasting results in a very healthy way. I really appreciate that my opinion is valued and taken on board as part of the consultation process. Moreover Beran has been a pillar of support as she is accessible on a daily basis and has replied to any questions which I've had. This has been crucial in challenging moments or to clarify any doubts which has provided me with the necessary reassurance and encouragement to keep going. Thank you Beran xxx

Emily Adamberry Olivero

Additional testimonial for the website by Dame Mavis Becker
Feeling Enormously Proud to Receive this Incredible Testimonial from my Great Friend, Mentor and Inspiration!... the One and Only Dame Mavis Becker
Dear Beran
I have recently bought your latest book but would firstly like to comment about your complete dedication to the healthy lifestyle that you have always promoted and practiced. What you have preached has been taken in by me and I can say that without doubt you have been a role model to many people, including me, for years.
We have known each other for at least a decade and you have always helped me with advice about healthy lifestyle including tips on what foods to eat how to cook vegetables, how to make delicious salads, what exercises I should concentrate on to benefit my specific problems. Also whatever did not help my specific body type you went the extra mile to help me discover an alternative way in my life as a professional dancer.
I thank you for being so genuinely helpful and interested in my well-being and for making a significant improvement to my health.
I wish you lots of success in all your ventures in leading others along the path to a healthy life.
Yours with gratitude

Dame Mavis Becker